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The Up-Words Reading® Teacher’s Manual provides step-by-step directions for the teacher to walk the student through daily lesson activities. Each day’s lesson activities are carefully designed to train the student to internalize and use the phonetic code, automatically recognize sight words, and enjoy and understand high-quality literature.

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The Up-Words Reading® Student Workbooks are designed to be used in close conjunction with the Teacher’s Manual. As opposed to traditional workbooks, the Up-Words Reading® workbook pages are created, not as stand-alone paper-and-pencil workbook pages, but as tools to complete the activities detailed in the Teacher’s Manual. All workbook activities are designed with a clear objective in mind, guiding students toward mastery of a specific skill in one or more of the four key areas of instruction.


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The Up-Words Reading® Decodable Readers are a unique set of books that allow ample practice with each new phonetic sound and sight word introduced in the Up-Words Reading® program. In addition to being fun and engaging, these readers are perfectly aligned with the specific skills targeted in each daily Up-Words Reading® lesson. In these readers, students are never asked to read a word they have not previously been taught to decode or identify. Moreover, unlike many other programs, the Up-Words Reading® Decodable Readers follow a recurring cast of characters through linear storylines which often span multiple books, to keep students interested and curiosity piqued. Therefore, the student improves reading rate, accuracy and comprehension as s/he progresses through the series. Age-appropriate comprehension questions are included to enable teachers to target memory and sequencing skills, as well as answering higher-order reasoning questions. 

       Level 0                      Level 1                  Level 2                    Level 3



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The Up-Words Reading® Progress Manual includes weekly Progress Checks, as well as periodic in-depth Progress Assessments.  With these tools, teachers will be able to effectively monitor and track whether students have internalized and are using key skills as they read and spell 


      Level 0                       Level 1                      Level 2                          Level 3


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