Up-Words Reading®

  • Sal and Gus with Up-Words ReaderCOMPREHENSIVE: Up-Words Reading® provides a complete, self-contained package with everything needed to start students down the road to reading . . . and loving it!
  • VERSATILE:   The Up-Words Reading® program is designed for a variety of settings - the classroom, a small group led by a reading specialist, or parent-led instruction at home!  
  • INTEGRATED: Up-Words Reading® addresses phonological awareness skills, phonics, fluency, sight words and reading comprehension. Additionally, the daily lesson plans and decodable readers work in concert to reinforce each other.  
  • ENGAGING:  Up-Words Reading® introduces young readers to entertaining characters and consistent narratives that last throughout the school year. Students can look forward to returning to these lovable characters week after week and discovering what adventures they’re going to encounter next!
  • CONSISTENT:  The Up-Words Reading® Decodable Reader series maintains absolute vocabulary integrity. Students are never asked to read a word they have not previously been taught to decode or identify.
  • WHOLESOME:  The Up-Words Reading® Decodable Reader series emphasizes the values that parents want their children to learn.  
  • EFFECTIVE: Up-Words Reading® is based on the time-proven, research-based methodology of Orton-Gillingham.